When You’re Not Golfing, Fish!

Trophy Lake Golf & Casting is proud to offer a wonderful fishing experience in our well-stocked trout ponds.

Fly Fishing Rates

For shore fishing on the lakes adjacent to the 18th green and 6th tee:

Hourly                  $15
Half-Day             $55
Full-Day               $85

*fly rod included in above fees

Fly Fishing School

Trophy Lake Golf & Casting and Peninsula Outfitters are proud to offer a one-day fishing school to teach you the basics of fly fishing.

  • Learn the necessary equipment to pursue your quarry
  • Basic casting, looking good “putting out” 40 feet of line
  • Understand what fish eat and how to “match the hatch”
  • Practice the four knots that make our equipment work
  • An opportunity to catch a big fish, a trophy at Trophy Lake

$175 per person, includes breakfast and lunch

To learn more and sign up
Contact Peninsula Outfitters:
(360) 394-1599

Private Instruction

Individualized instruction is also available for fly fishers. We strongly recommend attendance to the fly fishing school. If the school is not convenient for you or otherwise does not meet your specific learning needs, we are happy to offer individualized instruction.

E.C. “Ted” Teather

  • Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
  • Primary Instructor, the A to Z School
  • Licensed Guide: Salmon and Non-Salmon

Ted Teather is a retired Professor of Social Work at the University of Washington who has taken up fly fishing education and guiding as his primary retirement vocation. Ted brings many decades of fly fishing expertise, and is an excellent teacher. Ted conducts many of Fly Fishing Magic’s seminars and classes.